Every once in a while you find a feeling…one that brings you back home and at the same time inspires you to dream big. When Tara Williamson sings, this is that ‘found feeling’ you get. No matter what your age, there’s something especially intoxicating about Tara’s sound. Whether she’s playing guitar and singing sweet lilting melodies accompanied only by a cello, scatting with a stellar jazz trio, or backed by a roaring 20-piece big band and wailing sky-high power notes, you can’t stop watching or listening.

“Every time I hear Tara I think, ‘Some people have it…and she has it.’ I love her material and I could listen to her all night.” – Mgmt. for Curtis Salgado

From jazz standards reminiscent of Nat and Natalie Cole, Cole Porter and Etta James to bluesy folk-like Norah Jones jazz covers, original folk-jazz compositions and old time country classics of Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, Tara Williamson has it all. She goes from innocent, country sweetheart to downright sexy songstress in a single set. An instrumentalist as well as a vocalist, Tara switches between her singer/songwriter roots and seasoned jazz vocalist numbers effortlessly, and takes the audience on a warming adventure to the unshakable parts of the heart.

“We can’t get enough of her. Kids are always captivated by her music, even when it’s from the 1920’s and they’ve never heard it before. Older guests have been caught dancing to war-era tunes in the middle of the restaurant and the staff members are always snapping their fingers. There’s a reason we keep her singing here. ” – Bob Hillis, Owner at Orenco Station Grill, Hillsboro, OR

Listen and you’ll find something you’ve been wanting to hear for a while.