Happy Holidays!!

This year has been one of incredible changes. There have been SO many shifts in perspective, focus, and opportunity that it makes my head spin! Not only did I get engaged this year to an amazing man and musician, Justin Smith (who would have foreseen that?!), I was able to commit to my musical profession even more intensely and spend more time with family. Sometimes really acting on what you want to do makes other things just fall into place, and I feel like a lot of that has happened this year.

One thing hasn’t changed: I’m busy. Always have been, probably always will be. This year we’ve gotten into new venues, recorded more and re-released our Holiday album: “Christmas”. I hope that if you don’t already have one, that you’ll check out my home page and get a few! They’re conveniently sized to fit most stockings ;)


Here’s a list of my upcoming shows, and I want you to pay attention to the January addition, because it’s very special to me:

12/07/11 Wednesday Special – Tara Williamson with Jon Shaw Orenco Station Grill 7:00pm
12/08/11 Michael Allen Clothiers’ Christmas Party Michael Allen Clothier 8:00pm
12/09/11 Tara Williamson Trio Living Room Theaters 8:00pm
12/10/11 Tara Williamson Trio Orenco Station Grill 7:00pm
12/14/11 Wednesday Special – Tara Williamson with Jon Shaw Orenco Station Grill 7:00pm
12/21/11 Wednesday Special – Tara Williamson with George Turner Orenco Station Grill 7:00pm
12/27/11 Private Holiday Party – Tara Williamson Quartet Private Party TBD
12/28/11 Tara Williamson Trio Orenco Station Grill 7:00pm
01/25/12 Ron Steen with Tara Williamson Wilf’s Restaurant 7:30pm

That’s right! I’ll be joining my friend and esteemed Portland Jazz Legend – Ron Steen – for one of his regular Wednesday gigs at Wilf’s Restaurant and Bar, an honor to be sure. Joe Millward joins us on the piano for a very special evening. What else could I have wanted for Christmas?! I’ll tell you: I want YOU to be in a seat at Wilf’s on Jan 25, 2012.

Ok, to stay in the present, I’d like to give you thanks from the bottom of my heart for your support in this pivotal year. I hope to sing you into 2012 and that your December days will be merry and bright with all those you love, whether near or far.

Happy Holidays,
Tara Williamson